Secrets of the War

This is my first fic, hope you guys enjoy it. It was originally planned to be a total conversion mod but we (me and the guys at Team Hssiss) decided against it.

Thanks to Logan23, Yatsooke/Yatsuke and Lord of Hunger for help with the idea.

Six years ago, the Mandalorians launched a surprise attack on an unsuspecting galaxy. They invaded with a force so powerful it weakened the republic within the first year. By the third year, it was clear that victory was slipping the republic's hands, slowly. The Jedi refused to enter the war. They... foresaw the return of something worse, more evil. 

Revan, a young, well-liked Jedi knight was growing restless. He feared for the galaxy. He feared that without the Jedi all hope is lost and the republic would most-likely perish. So he took it upon himself to gather up some Jedi who felt the same as him. His closest friend, Alek, was the first to join the cause. Soon many more joined him. The Jedi had entered the war.

With Revan on the front-lines the war had turned in favor of the republic. Many Mandalorians fell to the new Jedi force. Victory after victory, Revan won. Soon the Mandalorians where in the same boat the Republic was a year back.
There where others in this war who could feel the force. Unseen hands were at work. Something more powerful was controlling this. Something was about to happen. The start of the secrets behind this war were about to reveiled to one. Kerrith Atair.

Kerrith Atair, a hired mercenary, was pacing in his room on the Horizon, a Hammerhead-class cruiser. He was suppose to be en-route to the front-lines. But the ship had changed course in the Corellia sector. Something was wrong. Earlier that day the captain announced that they were investigating some wreckage in the vicinity and they would resume course in 5 hours. 
It has been 6 hours and still nothing. About 15 minuets ago the door to the room automatically locked. He finally decided to break out of this room and see what was going on.
Kerrith had the door open fast. The locks were fairly simple. Republic budgets had dropped due to this war and this was one of the things cut. 
Outside was not what it should be. Corpses everywhere. All Republic. Kerrith took out his combat knife. Whatever did this was not something he could shoot. 
He started to head to the escape pods. Whatever was here, he wanted to be away from. 
As he was walking down the now empty hallway, he had this feeling, one that he hadn't felt..... He turned around and slashed the seemingly empty air. His knife made contact. He had killed. something. The thing dropped to the ground. He, or it was red-skinned, it wore a mask, and it had a lightsaber. 
Now Kerrith really knew it was time to get out of there. If he had not felt it there he would add to the corpses. Luckily for him, the escape pods were on the same floor as he was. But those things... what were they? Just then he had the same feeling before and he jumped to the left as a lightsaber, blood red, slashed at the space he was just standing. He had his knife ready in a flash, slashing his neck, stopping him in his tracks fast.
The escape pods were right around the corner, he might just make it. When he ran around the corner his hope was short lived. There was another guy there. He was in some different armor than the rest. He had a double bladed saber. The thing turned around.
The force is strong in you. It said, but its mouth did not move.
"How are you talking to me?"
It does not matter. Only that you must die! With that he lunged at Kerrith, but he was ready. He jumped to the side, then ran around him, jumped in the escape pod, and threw his knife at the beast. It hit. The thing went down. Blow right to the neck. But he did not have time to celebrate. 5 of the normal ones appeared. He closed the door to the pod and it flew out of the ship.
Unfortunately, due to other budget cuts, the pods don't have steering. It flew straight at the planet. He just hoped it was a civil one.

CHAPTER 2: Arrival

Kerrith Atair woke after the crash. He was still in the pod. It was cold. The emergency signal light was on. Air was running out. He had to get the pod open and fast. He muttered a curse and started searching for a way out. The main hatch was fried. No way to get that open. 10% oxygen remaining. There was a hatch on the roof. 8% oxygen remaining. He pushed, no good it was stuck. 6% oxygen remaining. There was a latch! 4% oxygen remaining. He pulled it, It didn't budge. 2% oxygen remaining. He pulled harder. 0% oxygen remaining. It opened. Snow flew in. Cold air filled his lungs, it was dark. He made it. But to where? all he saw was snow and mountains. He got out. He was not prepaired for this weather. He had some heavy armor and that was it. He got out of the pod and took his first step on this strange new world.
In the distance Kerrith saw a light, and it was moving toward him. Pistol at the ready he started toward it. As he got closer he saw it was a person. He continued toward whoever it was. 
"Hello!?" Kerrith yelled. 
"Hello!" Replied the person who now it was clear it was a man."What are you doing out in the polar reigns?"
"I dunno, my ship was attacked." Kerrith said back.
"Well come over here friend, lets get you out of the cold!"

When Kerrith got to the man he realized there was a house across the hill. 
"Come on in, I am Hayden by the way, Hayden Karadaan. And who might you be?"
"I am Kerrith Atair. A mercenary."
"Really? I'm a merc also." Hayden said as the two entered the building. It had a musty smell, like it had not been lived in for at least a few months. Yet strangely it was nice and warm despite the blizzard outside. "Just got back from a job on Ansion, took s few months." Hayden replied as if reading Kerrith's mind. "My sister, Kiara, was taking care of this little shack while I was away. She lives in Coronet, long speeder ride." 
"The city?" Kerrith started." So this is Corellia. I need to get to the city. I need to get to the jedi council." 
"We can go to the city when my sister arrives again. My ship... crashed, and we can't walk. She should get here tomorrow."
"Then I will wait. When we get there I am getting off planet."
"You do know about the plague right?" Hayden said.
"Should I have?" Kerrith replied, his hope draining.
"Yes, you were stationed above Corelia, right? You should know that a few weeks back the majority of the population was infected with this disease. Only about 50 people did not get it, including the Jedi, me, and my sister. So far over 100 deaths have been reported. You are going to have to stay on the planet till this blows past."
"And if it doesn't?"
"Then you are stuck."